5 Benefits of Healthy Employees

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healthy employees
When work and workouts go hand-in-hand it’s a win-win-win situation. Clients, employers and employees come out on top. Couple that with a company wellness plan that emphasizes nutrition and preventative care, and you’ve got a recipe for everyone’s success. The bottom line is healthy employees are good for business. It pays for employers to invest in the wellness of the individuals who keep the company running. More and more employers subsidized gym memberships, have on-site fitness facilities or fund corporate wellness programs. The effort and cash applied to helping employees maintain a healthy weight, get in their workouts and establish productive lifestyle habits (like buckling-in, managing stress, eating nutritiously, getting flu shots or giving up smoking) has many benefits:

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5 Benefits of Healthy Employees

1) Increased productivity.

 Work wellness programs that demonstrate an interest and investment in an employee’s well-being by offering smoking cessation, information on proper lifting techniques, the means to work out, hassle-free sick days, flu shots, nutrition information, cooking demos, and other similar incentives can help diminish the amount of days taken by staff due to illness and injury. This translates to increased focus while working, better physical job performance and less time spent “catching-up” or “getting up to speed.” Employees can hit the ground running and keep on running!

2) Creative ideas, logical solutions and improved work quality.

 Fit bodies mean fit brains. A workplace that encourages regular workouts and eating healthy foods sows the seeds for smart thinking, efficiency and innovation! Exercise improves oxygen delivery to all body parts including the brain. Studies show endurance workouts promote creative thinking and memory. Certain foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins and nutrients can help minimize brain fog. A workplace philosophy and breakroom that supports brain boosting physical activity and “smart” food can spark serious advancements!

healthy empoyees

3) Exercise and eating well breeds workplace happiness.

 In addition to clear thinking, research indicates regular exercise can make people feel less stress and more upbeat. Likewise, good nutrition promotes positivity. Less caffeine-laden coffee and blood sugar-spiking donuts in the breakroom, and more stress-busting foods like brain-boosting berries, calming herbal teas and even water can calm nerves and promote a peaceful workplace with less absenteeism. Employees can focus on possibilities, rather than fleeing!


4) Less insurance costs and workers’ comp claims.

 What employers spend on wellness programs is often paid back (and then some) when insurance costs are figured-in. Boosted immunity, clear thinking and being “fit” for the job cuts back on workers’ compensation claims due to illnesses, injuries and accidents. An ounce of prevention goes along way and makes cents and sense.

healthy employees

5) Workplace Wellness breeds camaraderie and community connection.

 Creating a work culture of wellness that emphasizes self-respect, confidence and teamwork can carry over into group projects on the job. Workplace wellness can better connect companies and employees to the community, which is good for business. Creating a cadre of workmates who participate in local 5K’s, golf tournaments and other charity events can improve the health of each participant, foment staff bonding and make a company visible as a place that promotes health on the individual and community level.


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