Power Up! A Power Flow Yoga Routine With Rewards for All Skill Levels

[fa icon="calendar'] Wed, Sep 26, '18 / by Sarah M. posted in yoga, flexibility, mood boost, balance

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Looking for an activity that can boost your mood, alleviate your stress, improve flexibility and balance, reduce pain, and just make you feel pretty darn good overall? Yoga could be your answer.

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Pistol Squats 101: What Are They and How to Do Them

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Feb 27, '18 / by Sarah M. posted in core, stability, flexibility

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The pistol (aka one-legged) squat is one of the more advanced movements available to use at the gym, or anywhere really (that's actually one of the reasons we love it). But if the thought of doing one sounds a little on the iffy-side, we're sharing plenty of ways to practice them safely—but not before explaining why they're worth it.

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