Benefits of Tune Up Therapy Balls and How to Use Them

[fa icon="calendar'] Thu, Nov 9, '17 / by Sarah M. posted in health, therapy, healing

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Self-myofascial release is a valuable way to reduce pain, improve mobility, facilitate tissue healing, avoid injury, and maximize physical performance. We recommend it for just about anyone who is active, healthy, and looking to stay that way.

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Rethink 2 Out-Dated Things About Health

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Oct 17, '17 / by Krista F. posted in fitness tips, health

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Old habits (or in this case, old ways of thinking), die hard. Science and health developments have made leaps and bounds in just the past few years! Some of the info we’ve been taught may not line up with what modern scientists have proven to be true. Let’s get a little update.

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