Don’t Let Your Weak Knees Get in the Way of a Having Strong Legs

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If you have knee pain or a history of knee problems, you should consult with your doctor, physical therapist, and/or trainer for guidance and professional treatment as indicated. In the meantime, here are a few specific exercises you can do to help stabilize your knee joint so that you can stand strong at the gym, at work, or anywhere in life.

5 Must-Do Exercises to Strengthen & Stabilize Your Knees

1) The Supine Bridge

Strengthen your glutes and quads, both of which are critical for stabilizing your knee.

2) The Leg Extension

Build raw strength and power in the quadriceps muscle, the main extender of the knee.

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knee-problems-workout-1.jpg3) The Calf Raise

Strengthen the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles to help stabilize your knee and improve the strength of the back of your lower leg (calves).

4) The Heel Walk

This movement works muscle on the front of your shin (anterior tibialis) which also plays a key role in stabilizing your knee, especially during movements like jumping, running, and plyometrics.

5) The Monster Walk

We love walking funny! This one helps improve the strength of your hip muscles, which actually are critical for improving the stabilization of your knee and the alignment of your knee cap and quadriceps tendon.

There you have it!

With these 5 exercises, you should have no problem building up strength in your knees slowly but surely. If you need any further explanation of these exercises, feel free to visit us or call your nearest club to schedule a personal training session. You can also sign up online! Click Here

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